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"Communication is the most powerful leadership tool you have"...According to Forbes!

"If you’re serious about becoming a better leader, become a better communicator." Read on to hear exactly why Forbes believes this is such a valuable 21st Century skill...

In September 2022, Alain Hunkins contributed an insightful article to Forbes magazine, entitled 'The #1 Obstacle To Effective Communication'.

Read on to hear our highlights...

If you’re serious about becoming a better leader, become a better communicator. 

A study by Hart Research Associates found that 93% of employers consider communication skills more important than a graduate’s major. 

But just because it’s common knowledge that communication is important doesn’t make it common practice.

Consider these findings... 💬

The best leaders don’t take effective communication for granted 🗣

They know that the process of transferring meaning from one person to another is filled with obstacles. They know what those obstacles will be in advance, so they can proactively deal with them.

Lack of alignment happens when what you mean is not what you say and/or what gets heard. It’s the #1 obstacle to effective communication. Be prepared - you’ll be seeing it again very soon.

This article raises a very important question:

If communication skills are so important, why aren't we investing in them more within mainstream education? 💭

Schools have increasingly been coined 'exam factories', churning out students with the hard skills necessary to get them interviews but overlooking the soft skills they need to actually get them the job.

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