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Creativity and Innovation

Ahead of World Creativity and Innovation Day later this week (on the 21st April), we've pulled together some simplistic ways to encourage innovation and creativity in your child. Keep reading to learn more πŸ€”

1) Communication and Interaction πŸ’¬
Interacting with others is a brilliant way to encourage children to collaborate with one another and share new ideas and perspectives, opening them up to different views.

2) Solving Problems 🧠
Looking at ways to problem solve gives children the opportunity to take autonomy and come up with solutions by themselves, improving their confidence and encouraging creativity.

3) New Perspectives πŸ‘€
Mixing up your routine and doing things differently allows your child to experience new things and changes the way they view everyday situations.

4) Looking Beyond 🌎
Exploring new cultures and different groups across the world not only helps your child to develop empathy, but offers new perspectives and gives inspiration.

Here at Debate Mate, our virtual debating clubs give your child a space to explore their natural curiosity to problem solve and collaborate with other students from all walks of life, improving their confidence and equipping them with vital lifelong skills πŸš€

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