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Debate League Week 1-5 | Results

Celebrating the students of our Debate League Programme and announcing the current standings!

Happy Half Term! We hope all of our Debate League students had a great time in the first half of the Programme!

We are constantly impressed by the ideas and contributions of the students who take part in our Debate League. They are tested each week with challenging new motions to debate, and new techniques and strategies to incorporate into their speeches. So far this term they have covered motions including:

  • This House believes that changing your diet is the best way to tackle climate change 
  • This House would elect a new prime minister every year
  • This House supports scientific research into human cloning

It seems that their practice has been paying off and we are ready to reveal the current top three teams from each League! These results are the average individual score of the team across all debates.

1st Place - Thistle 
2nd Place - Thyme 
3rd Place - Tamarind 

1st Place
- Squash
2nd Place - Scallion
3rd Place - Yuca

Remember that we are only half-way through the term, and the scores are incredibly close so it is still all to play for ahead of the End of Term Grand Final! We have some really interesting motions ahead of us, spanning literature, law and finance, and we can’t wait to hear student’s ideas on the topics.

We encourage students to keep in mind some debating techniques that they haven't had a chance to use yet, and to have a look over the Learning Zone for some recap activities so they are prepared for their first debate back after half term. Have a great week off and we can’t wait to see everyone again in Week 6!