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This July and August, we are so excited to be offering 4 subject-specific courses for 8-16 year olds, taught virtually by our world-class mentors. Using our tried-and-tested debate-led methodology, these 4-day courses are tailored to developing empathy, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and communication skills in your child. Read on to find out more!


Ancient Greece: The Mysteries & Histories (w/c 18th July or 1st August):

This 4-day introductory Summer Camp will cover a wide range of elements of life in Ancient Greece; mythology, philosophy, politics, art, theatre, war and tyrants. 

  • Students will begin by learning about Greek democracy, Plato’s theory of forms and mythology. 
  • Next, students will become art critiques, appreciating the finest pieces of art and sculpture from Ancient Greece. They will delve into the world of Greek Theatre, looking at the three genres of comedy, tragedy and satyr. 
  • On day three, students will analyse the actions of tyrants such as Cypselus and Cylon and the impact the Trojan War had. 
  • Finally, students will solidify their learning and represent a character they have learnt about during the course and debate on topics of morality and politics. 

Whilst learning engaging content, students will be developing confidence and communication skills, all while working alongside students from around the world. 

The Inside Scoop: Journalism Summer Camp (w/c 25th July or 8th August):

In this 4-day Summer Camp, students will be introduced to the range of mediums and platforms used to report a variety of news, features and investigative stories worldwide - and how this has changed over time. 

  • They will explore the varying and numerous processes of content creation, and learn about research methods such as big-data cultivation. 
  • Alongside this, they will look at how governments and organisations have sought to address key challenges deriving from new media, including how regulation aims to mitigate the potential harm of misinformation and propaganda. 
  • In addition, they will have the opportunity to critically analyse the ethics surrounding journalism in the digital era. 
  • The course will conclude with students working collaboratively to choose and present on a journalism-related research project. 

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to engage with challenging ideas, think critically and creatively, and communicate their opinions with confidence, clarity and respect. 

Dawn of Discovery: Space Summer Camp (w/c 18th July or 1st August):

In this 4-day Summer Camp, students will explore the big questions surrounding space. 

  • Students will discuss the history of space exploration, considering the key stakeholders within the space race. 
  • They will explore the physics of our universe, starting with the Big Bang, and will be encouraged to think critically about the ethics of space travel, space tourism, and the militarisation of space. 
  • Next, they will analyse and appraise the technologies and inventions that have shaped our world - out in space and on earth below. 
  • Finally, students will debate the mysteries of space, working collaboratively to choose and present on research questions of their choice. 

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to engage with challenging ideas, think critically and creatively, and communicate their opinions with confidence, clarity and respect.

Debate Like a World Champion (w/c 25th July or 8th August):

Our 4-day Debating Summer Camp will introduce students to the fundamentals of debating including structure, style, rebuttal and argument generation. Students will work alongside peers from around the world to develop their communication, confidence and critical thinking skills, supported by our world-class university mentors. 

  • The first two days of the Summer Camp will see students develop their persuasive speaking skills through a range of activities designed to improve their confidence and communication skills. 
  • They will also learn how to challenge the ideas of others through rebuttal and points of information. 
  • After completing their first debate, students will learn advanced debate techniques such as stakeholder analysis and argument generation using the PERMS technique. 
  • On the final day of the Summer Camp, students will design their own debate motions and choose one as the topic of their final debate!

Whether your child wants to become a debating master, get the inside scoop, be transported to Ancient Greece or launched into space, head to our website to book your child's place now!