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Debating & Critical Thinking In A Fake News Era!

Read on to hear how debating can equip you to fight fake news!

At Debate Mate, we believe in the power of debating to develop key future skills in young people.

In an era where fake news has become so synonymous with social media, how can we equip our children to be critical of this?

Simply, through debating!

Debating allows our students to

  • Think critically
  • Think constructively
  • Consider the importance of facts & figures
  • Weigh up appropriate evidence from reliable sources

At Debate Mate, we place great emphasis on critical thinking as a means of ensuring objectivity, awareness of personal bias and of course being a good debater! But what is critical thinking?

Critical thinking = 'the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.’

Through debating, students are equipped with the critical thinking skills to ensure that they do not fall prey to fake news whilst simultaneously being able to form their own opinions.

Furthermore, students develop the ability to analyse the news and media with a broader, more objective lens.

This allows for 💭:

  • Greater confidence
  • Greater curiosity
  • Greater creativity
  • Greater control over their own decisions

From conspiracy theories to falsified statistics, debating allows for children to develop a reflexive, inquisitive and fact-checked approach to the 21st century.

At Debate Mate, we believe that everyone has the right to debate, to be understood and to learn vital skills for the increasingly digital era in which we reside!

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