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Diversity & Inclusion: Global Voices!

If you’re interested in globalisation, education and debating, then read on to learn more about how Debate Mate Virtual is nurturing the global voices of tomorrow!

At Debate Mate, we're passionate about equipping young people with the skills they need to succeed as the leaders of tomorrow.

The methodology we use to do this is debating!

However, the online setting of our virtual clubs also plays a huge role in this, allowing for collaboration between students from all over the world.

This is why we believe in the importance of global voices.

Global voices refers to the wide range of perspectives, beliefs, cultures and values that make up the interconnected 21st century world.

The beauty of online learning is that our students can interact with a diverse range of individuals, broadening their worldviews and expanding their perspectives.

In the globalised era we now live in it is more important than ever to be able to work with people from across the world.

This global setting also allows students to gain valuable teamwork and leadership skills, set to be key workplace skills by 2025 according to a report by the World Economic Forum.

By being exposed to peers from different backgrounds, students learn to become more flexible, resilient and able to understand social influence. 

Therefore, students gain the ability to explore the world through an inquisitive lens that isn’t biased by their own perspectives and backgrounds.

                                           So what does this mean? 

Well, students who debate are more likely to be successful leaders in the future and reach the highest levels of leadership. This suggests that by debating and interacting with others, students’ job prospects dramatically increase.

Ultimately, debating allows for diversity of thought and a variety of perspectives that ensure that students become balanced global voices.

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