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Easter Traditions Across The World

Easter is a significant day in Christianity, but is celebrated amongst many cultures across the world. Keep reading to learn about some of the traditions followed in different countries around the world 🌎

In Christianity, Easter marks the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death by crucifixion, however it is celebrated across many cultures as a symbol of new life and fresh starts. Here are some of the unique traditions celebrated worldwide 👇

France: The Giant Omelette 🍳
Since 1973, it's a French tradition for thousands of people to gather in Bessières, France, to cook a giant omelette made up of over a whopping 15,000 eggs.

Many believe that the French military leader Napoléon Bonaparte and his army stopped to rest for a night near the town, he ate an omelette so delicious that he ordered the townspeople to gather all the eggs they had to prepare a giant version for his army the next day.

Portugal: Chocolate Almonds 🥜
In Portugal, it's traditional to give one another chocolate almonds, known as amêndoas, at Easter. Because they're egg-shaped, they represent spring, fertility and resurrection and are often given from godparents to godchildren as a sign of love. These almonds come in dozens of sizes and flavours ranging from sugar coated colourful ones to traditional milk and dark chocolate ones.

India: Holi Festival 🎊
Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours, is one of the largest celebrations in India and celebrates the arrival of spring. It represents the triumph of good over evil and celebrates love, happiness and good harvest. Giant crowds dust each other with colourful powders in a good-natured blessing. In old times, the powders were made from neem and other Ayurvedic medicines that helped prevent infections triggered by changes of season.

Guatemala: Colourful Carpets 🎨
Every year the cobblestone roads in Guatemala, Antigua, are transformed into colourful carpets to mark Easter. Local artists use stencils to create the elaborate patterns and scenes covering traditional and religious themes. On Good Friday, a giant procession takes place over the beautiful carpets.

Japan: Hanami Celebrations 🌸
Hanami is the celebration of blossoming flowers in Japan. The beautiful and distinctive cherry blossoms appear in springtime, and people celebrate the arrival of them by eating, drinking and spending time underneath the blossoms. Cherry blossoms are not long-lasting, so are a symbol of fleeting beauty.

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