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'How Great Leaders Communicate' ...According to Harvard Business Review!

Just last week, Harvard Business Review posted an insightful piece on communication and leadership. Read on to hear our highlights...

"Transformational leaders are exceptional communicators"

As epitomised so brilliantly by Harvard Business Review in their recent social media post, the ability to communicate effectively is paramount to becoming a successful leader.

To prove this, they summarised 4 key communication strategies that are key to motivating and inspiring a team.

These are...

1) Use simple language to write about complex things πŸ“
"Long, complicated sentences make written ideas hard to understand- they're mentally draining and demand more concentration. You'll win more supporters if you replace long words and sentences with short ones"

2) Choose sticky metaphors πŸ’¬
"When you introduce a new or abstract idea, your audience will search for something familiar to help them make sense of it. A metaphor is a powerful tool that compares or equates a new, abstract idea to a familiar image or concept."

3) Humanise data πŸ“ˆ
"Slide decks with statistics and charts are helpful, but limited. The trick to reducing cognitive load and making any data point interesting is to put the number in perspective- and make it relevant to your listeners."

4) Emphasise your mission πŸ“£
"Shine a spotlight on your company's purpose across communication channels: meetings, memos, emails, presentations, social media, and marketing material. If your mission stands for something, then stand up for it."

Put simply, professional success is all about communication!

Worryingly, this is not something at the forefront of school curriculums and a crucial skill that many children can leave mainstream education without.

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