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Introducing our Ancient Greece Summer Camp!

Today we’re introducing you to our Ancient Greece Course! Meet our wonderful mentors Ffion and Alex who will be Mentoring your children.

Meet Mentors Ffiona and Alex from our Ancient Greece Summer Camp!

More about our Ancient Greece Summer Camp:

This 4-day introductory Summer Camp will cover a wide range of elements of life in Ancient Greece; mythology, philosophy, politics, art, theatre, war and tyrants. Students will begin by learning about Greek democracy, Plato’s theory of forms and mythology. 

Next, students will become art critics, appreciating the finest pieces of art and sculpture from Ancient Greece. They will delve into the world of Greek Theatre, looking at the three genres of comedy, tragedy and satyr. On day three, students will analyse the actions of tyrants such as Cypselus and Cylon and the impact the Trojan War had. 

Finally, students will solidify their learning and represent a character they have learnt about during the course and debate on topics of morality and politics. Whilst learning engaging content, students will be developing confidence and communication skills, all while working alongside students from around the world.