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Introducing our Space Summer Camp!

Today we’re introducing you to our Space Course: The Dawn of Discovery! Meet our wonderful mentors Francois and Rama who will be mentoring your children on this course!

Meet Mentors Francois and Rama from our Space Summer Camp!

More about our Space Summer Camp:

In this 4-day Summer Camp, students will explore the big questions surrounding space. Led by our export mentors from top universities across the globe, students will discuss the history of space exploration, considering the key stakeholders within the space race. 

They will explore the physics of our universe, starting with the Big Bang, and will be encouraged to think critically about the ethics of space travel, space tourism, and the militarisation of space. 

Next, they will analyse and appraise the technologies and inventions that have shaped our world - out in space and on earth below. Finally, students will debate the mysteries of space, working collaboratively to choose and present on research questions of their choice. 

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to engage with challenging ideas, think critically and creatively, and communicate their opinions with confidence, clarity and respect.