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Skills Series: TEAMWORK

Read on to learn exactly why this skill is so valuable in our 21st Century world and crucially, how Debate Mate can help develop it in YOUR child!

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, teamwork is defined as...

"the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient."

Whether it be collaborating on a group project at school or working as a part of a team in your career, everyone would benefit from being an effective team player!

Teamwork allows you to...

  • Actively listenπŸ‘‚πŸΌ- Working well in a team relies on you listening to the ideas and contributions of others.
  • Compromise πŸ‘« - Teamwork often means working with people who see things differently to you. This allows you to develop the ability to compromise and reach a middle ground that's agreeable to the whole group.
  • Negotiate πŸ’­ - Whilst you might be willing to compromise on some things, a good team player needs strong negotiation skills. This will allow you to convince a group of your point of view and hopefully, persuade them to agree with you.
  • Be a better leader πŸ—£ - Good team players make great leaders. If you're able to put yourself in the shoes of your team, you'll be better able to understand their strengths, weaknesses and working style.Β 
  • Respect and engage with people who are different to you 🀝 - You don't often get to pick your team and most of the time they'll be made up of lots of people who look, think and act differently to you. This is a great opportunity to develop your empathy and learn to respect the contributions of others.

Fortunately for our Debate Mate students, debating is a brilliant methodology to develop team work in young people.

Here's how our courses can help...

Group Activities & Games:

  • Students are often tasked with working in groups to create a joint speech or presentation. Whilst the mentor will mediate the discussion, students are encouraged to speak with each other directly, sharing their ideas and responding to each other's thoughts.
  • Our clubs are a truly global classroom, connecting students from all over the world in a single Zoom call. This allows students to develop their empathy and work with peers from backgrounds that they might not otherwise come across at school or at home.

Preparation Time:

  • Debating is, by nature, a team activity. For every debate, students are split into 2 teams, proposition and opposition, and given 15 minutes to prepare in breakout rooms.
  • As a group, students must follow the SCRAP structure. This stands for: Sit in your team, Chat about your points, Rank your points, Assign your points and PEEL your arguments.
  • Students are given strategy points during the debate. This includes how well they work as a team, specifically how well they create a team through line - a crucial element of their preparation time.

Ultimately, the ability to work as a team is a crucial future skill, vital to ensuring your child's future success in their personal life as well as their career!

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