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Soft Skills, Strong Impacts

The post-pandemic era has dramatically accelerated the need for new skills in the workforce, with social and emotional skills now in high demand. The proportion of companies addressing empathy and interpersonal skills doubled in 2020, according to McKinsey.

As AI reshapes the business landscape, leaders are grappling with skills mismatches. About one-third of executives in a recent McKinsey survey indicate shortfalls among their employees in critical areas, including social and emotional skills and technological skills. Approximately 40% of the survey respondents indicate a shortage of workers with higher cognitive skills such as critical thinking, which is crucial for working with new tech such as AI and automation.

Why Are Soft Skills Important? 🤔 

Soft skills, including communication, empathy, and critical thinking, are vital for several reasons:

- Adaptability: In a rapidly changing tech-driven world, the ability to adapt and learn continuously is essential.
- Collaboration: Effective teamwork requires strong interpersonal skills.
- Problem Solving: Emotional intelligence and rational thinking help in resolving conflicts and finding innovative solutions.
- Leadership: Future leaders need to inspire and guide teams with empathy and effective communication.

The Debate Mate Solution

At Debate Mate, we recognise the evolving demands of employers, who now seek social and emotional skills to complement a professional landscape increasingly dominated by AI. 

Skills such as effective communication, rational thinking, problem solving and emotional intelligence are fundamental to success in today's world. Debate Mate instils these skills in students from a young age, preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow. ⭐️