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Spotlight on Frinnie - DMO Student of 3 Years!

In celebration of Debate Mate Virtual's 3rd birthday, we're spotlighting some of our longest running students on our blog! Read on to hear a contribution from Frinnie, aged 13...

Frinnie has been a student at Debate Mate from the very beginning! In that time, she has completed 10 courses with us, covering topics spanning debating and journalism to entrepreneurship and current affairs.

Frinnie is currently a student on our Debate League programme, the highest level in our Fundamentals of Debating pathway, reserved for our most advanced and experienced debaters.

Here's what she has to say about her time at Debate Mate so far...

Hi! My name's Frinnie and I am 13. I have been attending Debate Mate since lockdown and I have enjoyed every moment of it!

One of my favourite Debate Mate memories is when there was a debate about whether we should still read Shakespeare - I had been reading The Tempest in class so I had a lot to say about it. This was my favourite Debate Mate memory because I really enjoyed the debate and also I was really interested in the topic.

Debate Mate has significantly helped me with my confidence as before I wasn't as confident in myself. Debate Mate forced me to raise my voice and think on my feet which has really helped me in life generally. Also, engaging in conversation with strangers is a lot easier as I have the skills to engage with a topic and argue my case, but in a respectful way. I could write a whole page on what Debate Mate has helped me with but that probably would be too long but those were my top things Debate Mate has helped me improve on!

When I'm older I want to work in finance and run my own company as I find trading and economics fascinating. I want to help close the gender pay gap in finance and create a space where women (especially) and people feel comfortable and respected. In general my main goal is to make the world  better whether it be on a large scale or on a small scale. That is what I would like to achieve . 

The whole Debate Mate team has no doubt that Frinnie will go on to achieve these incredible things, equipped with the impressive confidence and communication skills she's developed at Debate Mate.

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