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The Benefits of Online Learning!

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed online learning firmly on to the global stage. Whilst many welcomed the return of in-person schooling, here's why online learning continues to be a hugely valuable tool for your child's future success...

Why Online Learning?

                                                    Creating a Global Classroom:

  • Online education has enabled people across the world, and indeed across time zones, to connect and learn collaboratively. This also has the effect of exposing students to people with completely different backgrounds and world views. This helps them become truly global citizens, equipped to succeed in an increasingly globalised and diverse job market!

                                                                Ease & Flexibility:

  • Virtual resources allow students to take their education beyond the classroom, allowing them to consolidate and develop their understanding at their own pace and in their own learning style. The Debate Mate Learning Zone, a virtual database of catch up and consolidation resources, is a great example of this.
  • Online learning typically requires just a computer, meaning students can feasibly learn anywhere with internet access!


  • Online learning makes education more accessible to those with limited access to in-person learning or without easy access to transport. For example, connecting homeschooled students or children living in remote areas with other like-minded students from around the world.
  • Debating is notoriously an elite and exclusionary activity. Online learning helps democratise debating for students who would not normally have the opportunity to join an in-person debating team. Debate Mate offers significant discounts for children of key workers and children in receipt of free school meals to help further break down these accessibility issues!
  • Online learning can prove much more accessible for students with physical disabilities who may struggle to attend in-person school. Virtual learning can also give students with learning difficulties the space to follow at their own pace, with more targeted support.

💡 Whilst in-person teaching has its obvious benefits, we hope this article has convinced you not to disregard the value of online learning so quickly!

 💻 Virtual learning is a great way to complement and expand the learning your child does in school!

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