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The Making of Our Children's E-Book!

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to launch a brand new interactive e-book, designed to teach 8-11 year olds the fundamentals of debating! Jude, one of our fab mentors featured in the online guide, is offering up some behind the scenes insight into the e-book's creation...

The new Debate Mate E-Book is a culmination of the knowledge, ability, and experience of the whole team. Everything came together to produce an interactive pathway, designed to shape anyone into a master debater and skilled communicator...

This e-book will provide students with an independent pathway to join in on the sharing of confidence, knowledge, and oracy skills necessary to development in the modern workplace. As a student of MA Intercultural Communication and Applied Linguistics with TESOL, I understand the importance of the ability to communicate and the value it brings to advancement and progress personally, professionally, and globally. 

The creation of this e-book was indeed a task. I threw my hat into the ring for filming and starring in the interactive videos seen throughout the book. I had previous experience filming and editing content for Debate Mate through the Learning Zone. After nearly a year of contributing to the Learning Zone, this bank of lesson recapitulations, content reminders, and video explanations equipped me with video content creation skills that were very valuable to this project. 
Along with my co-star Huda, we spent 2 days in Debate Mate’s Manchester office filming a bank of videos. Many retakes, teleprompter issues, and lighting experiments later, we had a collection of explanatory and exploratory videos that would end up forming a huge part of the book. Although tiring at the time, the reward was immense. 

Seeing the finished book for the first time since a very early draft was stunning. The work that the Debate Mate team put into the production is immense! I was taken aback by my animated avatar, drawn in-house by my omni-talented colleagues - it felt very rewarding to see the project come together. It is thanks to the work of the multi-faceted Debate Mate team that we have a guided, interactive, contemporary collection of the Debate Mate curricula and ethos. 

Just as reflected in the essence of this social enterprise, with confidence, trust, a team, and an idea, anything is possible. 

🚀 You can purchase this brand new e-book, The Fundamentals of Debating: A Beginner's Guide, by clicking here!