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Top Tips From One Of Our First-Class Mentors!

Our first-class mentors come from some of the world's best universities and have a wealth of experience when it comes to debating 🗣️

One of our brilliant mentors, Yash, shared some of his personal top tips for when it comes to debating. This is what he says: 👇

"My top tip deals with prep time; I believe that prep time is the most important part of the debate, and my tip is to make prep time as interactive as possible. As you get your motion, start chatting about your motion and try and get a conversation going. Ask yourself and each other the questions "BUT WHY?" and "SO WHAT?". These questions will really help make your PEEL structures deeper, they help you ask yourself which arguments are more important, and they help you figure out whether what you're asserting is common or rare".

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