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What Is The Best Form Of Renewable Energy?

A balloon debate is a debate in which a number of speakers attempt to win the approval of an audience. Today's topic is all about sustainability! ♻️

Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas are non-renewable and will one day run out, so scientists are exploring the potential of renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy sources replenish themselves and can be used again and again. They are sometimes called infinite energy resources, meaning they never run out.

We've listed a few examples of renewable energy sources, with some pros and cons. Which one do you think is best? 🌎

1) Solar Energy 🌞
Energy from sunlight is captured in solar panels and converted into electricity - you often see solar panels on top of roofs on modern buildings. This can provide potentially infinite energy, but building costs can be expensive.

2) Geothermal Energy 🔥
In volcanic areas, the natural heat of the earth can be used as an energy source - this happens by pumping cold water under the earth, meaning it comes out as steam, which can be used as heating. It can provide potentially infinite energy, but only works in areas where there is volcanic activity.

3) Wind Energy 🌪️
Modern windmills, called wind turbines, turn wind energy into electricity. These can often be seen in large quantities at wind farms and provide potentially infinite energy. Building turbines can be expensive, and some people think it ruins the look of rural countrysides.

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