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The Fundamentals of Debating: A Beginner's Guide

Step into the captivating world of debating with 'The Fundamentals of Debating: A Beginner's Guide,' an interactive children's eBook designed for 8-11 year olds. Your mentors Jude and Huda will take you through the fundamental building blocks of debating, including learning activities and debating resources for critical thinking, constructing arguments, speaking persuasively, and engaging respectfully with others' ideas.

The children's eBook features a variety of learning at home resources, including videos, audio, text boxes, drop-downs, and fill-in-the-blanks, creating a dynamic learning experience that will keep children engaged throughout. With 100 pages split across 2 eBooks, each containing 6 manageable steps, this self-paced debating adventure guarantees 6+ hours of learning at home excitement and entertainment! 

This learning eBook works best on Adobe Acrobat Reader - click here for instructions.

The Fundamentals of Debating: A Beginner's Guide

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  • Joanne

    “This E-Book is fun and interactive. It's taught me debating skills which have given me more confidence in class!”

  • Hai Le

    “My child has become a far more confident speaker and much more structured in her conversations!”

    Hai Le
  • Linda

    “This consolidates everything my child has learned on his Debate Mate journey in a compelling & engaging way.”

  • Arancha

    “I can see how much it has helped my son to rationalise his thoughts and become more confident when discussing current issues.”

  • Frida

    “The videos and questions are particularly helpful. This is a handy guide for new debaters as well as experienced debaters!”